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Social City Journal:
The Day 2 in the Training Course - Social City


Snow is melting - just like the barriers between us. From a nice, warm breakfast to a very competitive and intense energizer, that is how we started the Day 2.

The trainers welcomed us with a session dedicated to Erasmus+ programme and its key actions. We had the opportunity to widen our knowledge about Mobility for Youth & Youth workers & European Voluntary Service. Participants and organizers shared their experience with EVS, Erasmus placement or Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. After the coffee break we were provided with an insight into the problems and youth marginalization realities of each country.

During the “silent debate” we got our brains moving, but mouths quiet. The noise of the scribbling paper and silent murmurs were heard. After short debriefing session We evaluated our unspoken opinions. In the night we experienced the taste of Italy and Latvia - two beautiful countries. We will remember this for a long - for sure!



Day #2

1.) Warm up activities, music chairs.
- we developed non-verbal communication, get an insight how the group is created,

2.) Introduction to Erasmus+ program (Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, EVS, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs)
- we widen our knowledge about this program and its opportunities significantly

3.) Discussion about approaching marginalized groups of people as individuals.

4.) Silent debate - By abstaining from verbal discussions, we tried to analyze quotes of famous peoples and we expressed our thoughts on whether we agree or not.



5.) NGO role in the community - We were divided into country groups in order to explain and present what our local NGOs do about social problems of marginalized groups in their communities.
- we shared the best practice, new ideas, different approaches to this topic.

6.) Social campaign 1.01 – basics -Through creative thought we had to make and present a social campaign based on the following topics: equal participation, social inclusion of youth, active urban lifestyle, urban ecology.
- we were introduced to Social Campaign as the NFE tool,

7.) Comfy group - We had to divide in our country groups and give feedback to the trainers & organizers about the second day (grades for the day as a whole, best activity, observations and suggestions and general feeling)




Projekt je finančne podporený programom Erasmus +

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