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Biz2Youth Green

(Youth Exchange)

Give youth the opportunity to learn about green entrepreneurship

/10. 4. - 18. 4. 2024/Sigulda, Krimulda/Latvia

Project organization: MIHI LATVIA

The youth exchange will take place between 10th of April to 18th of April 2024 in town Sigulda, Krimulda in Latvia

The main theme of the project, 'Biz2Youth Green,' revolves around empowering young individuals, particularly NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), to embrace green entrepreneurship as a catalyst for positive societal and environmental change. Through immersive experiences, mentorship, and innovative methodologies like Design Thinking, the project seeks to equip participants with the skills and mindset required to navigate the complexities of today's environmental challenges. By instilling a sense of social and environmental responsibility, the project aims to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs poised to revolutionize industries and pave the way for a more sustainable future.


The project objectives

  1. Clarify the positive impact of green entrepreneurship on the environment, the economy, and the well-being of rural and urban communities.
  2. Utilize the 'design thinking' method to facilitate the creation of green business projects in multicultural teams, from ideation to business plan development.
  3. Encourage participants to develop creative and innovative solutions to environmental challenges using the design thinking method, and to formulate a business model and value proposition using the business canvas method.
  4. Emphasize the importance of social and environmental responsibility in business, promoting a more sustainable and equitable future.
  5. Address the environmental concerns of climate change and pollution, encouraging young people to react en-masse through movements like Fridays for Future or Extinction Rebellion.
  6. Respond to the evolving job market by fostering entrepreneurship competencies in young people, especially NEETs, focusing on ethical values, circular economy principles, and green responsibility demanded by consumers.
  7. Promote a spirit of experimentation and determination among participants, encouraging them to embrace creativity and be unafraid of failure while keeping environmental responsibility at the forefront of their endeavors.

Working language: English

Participating countries: Latvia, Romania, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Estonia

Number of participants: 50

Who is the ideal participant in the project?

  • Youth workers with NEETs (18+).
  • group leader - youth worker - familiar with post-project activities (25+)
  • Not currently a student, employee, or trainee.
  • Comes from regions with limited job opportunities.
  • Shows interest in entrepreneurship and cares about environmental issues.
  • Eager to start their own business.
  • May lack professional or career prospects.
  • Interested in non-formal entrepreneurial education and sharing experiences during the exchange.

Group requierments:

Slovakia will be represented on the project by a group of 5+1 (group leader) 

In particular, the group´s role will be to actively participate in the project program in an effort to meet its defined objectives. the secondary task will be to present Slovakia and its culture in an interactive "intercultural night"

Important info:

The accommodation and meals are 100% covered by the coordinating organization.

Travel costs will be reimbursed to the participants up to 275.
Each participant is individually responsible for the planning and implementation of the trip. Extremely important: The participant is obliged to keep the travel document to and from the destination and hand it over / send it to the project organizer according to his instructions.

Insurance: Travel insurance is NOT paid by the participants or subsequently reimbursed. Each participant is obliged to take out health insurance, which is valid in Latvia

How to apply for the project??

Send us your CV (in English) + motivation about why YOU should go to this project at

INFOPACK can be found [pdf-embedder url="" title="HERE!!!!"]

Deadline to apply: ASAP

Project is financially suppoerted by Erasmus+ program.

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