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/12. - 21. 11. 2023/Bansko, Bulgaria/

Project organizator: PROvision International

The training course will take place between the 12th and 21st of November 2023, in Bansko, Bulgaria.

The project aim: For the young protagonists of this project, the most important impact will be generated by the exchange of experiences between them, as well as being able to acquire dozens and dozens of valuable information on volunteering and solidarity, the indisputable cornerstone of the European Union. In this way we will be able to strengthen the idea of a united Europe, giving the participants the opportunity to get involved again after the project in voluntary activities both locally and internationally.

Objectives of the project:

  • to introduce the concept of European citizenship and EU
  • bring European values and principles closer to participants of the project
  • promote volunteering and solidarity as nowadays it’s really important to be aware
  • building the civil society by building main pillars such as volunteering, active citizenship and participation
  • bring Erasmus+ and other funding opportunities that young people can benefit from closer to them

Working language: English

Number of participants: 42

Participating countries: Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey

 Participant requirements:

Young people:

  • Young people between 16-24 years old with no age limit for the leader
  • Motivated to participate in the project
  • Participants who are NOT in service under the European Solidarity Corps at the moment of the activity

Important info:

Accommodation, meals, and the program throughout the project are fully reimbursed according to the rules of the Erasmus + program through the project organizer.

Travel costs will be reimbursed to the participant for up to 200€.

The participants are invited to use the cheapest means of transportation.

Each participant is individually responsible for the planning and implementation of the trip. Extremely important: The participant must keep the travel document to and from the destination and hand it over / send it to the project organizer according to his instructions.

Insurance: Travel insurance is NOT paid by the organization or subsequently reimbursed. Each participant must take out health insurance, which is valid in Bulgaria. 

How to apply for the project?

Send us your CV (in English) + motivation about why YOU should go to this project at

INFO PACK can be found HERE!!! [pdf-embedder url="" title="HERE!!!"]

Deadline: ASAP


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