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You(th) decide - final conference - participant's opinion - Nataly / ENG

On 12th of September participants of the initiative You(th) Decide! from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia met in Ryglice with the purpose to share outputs and achievements from their local meetings. The main topic of this initiative was Youth participation and Active citizenship. We started our meeting with some activities to know each other better. Through workshops where we collaborated in teams with participants from other countries, we shared our opinions about the definition of Youth participation. We were talking about the situation of youth participation in our countries, our goals, success, challenges, perspectives on this topic. Also, it was really interesting to hear about other organizations and their projects done by their community. Later we started to prepare for the conference in national teams.

The next day at the conference which was located in Zalasowa each country team presented what have they learned, realized or created through You(th) Decide! project. Our audience was composed of mayors, principals, teachers and polish students from eight different schools. After the conference, we were interviewing the audience. We found out that most of the students don't participate in the community where they live. For some of them, it was the first time when they heard about opportunities of being an active citizen and being involved in public life in the municipality. They learned something new and spend enjoyable time during interactive parts of presentations. I consider this project as very useful for the audience and also for us. We as participants of organizations realized we must find ways how to motivate youth more to be active. Also, we found out that there is a lack of information and young people are not well informed about their opportunities.

For sure you ask..and, What will happen now? How we will continue?
We, as participants of You(th) Decide!, we want to be the bridge between young people and their representatives. To connect them and to encourage them to create amazing projects together which will benefit our society. Because YOUth is our future and YOUth can decide

You(th) Decide was supported and co-funded by the International Visegrad Fund, under the patronage of the president of Košice Self-governing Region and the mayor of Ryglice.

The activities were developed simultaneously in 4 countries of V4 in partnership with..

Ryglice Community - The Municipal Youth Council of Ryglice
Association of Agrarian and Rural Youth Circles of Jász-Nagykun Szolnok County
European Youth Centre Břeclav z. s.
Youthfully Yours SK

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