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You(th) decide - final conference - participant's opinion - Attila / ENG

Day 1. 

The V4 delegation was arrived at 12 of september, first everybody was scares a little bit, but as the time is gone, everybody started to talk to each others. After everybody was arrived they hade lunch together. 

At 4pm the session was started they getting to know each other more and started to talk about the youth participation. After a short coffe break they getting prepared for the conference. They also need to do some quest what need to pe uploaded to the facebook group (most of them)
When the 2nd part of siession was ended they had dinner with some local authority.
(it was very very delicious)  

The night was very great, the participants are singing and partying together. The try hard partyfaces are gone to sleep at 4am. And they still fresh at the next day. 

I'm working on the day 2 so stay in attention!  

-Attila Almási 


Day 2.
At the morning after everybody was waked up they went to the place where was the conference hase been (i dont know the name of the town, sorry polish team 👐) 

For the conference actually nearly 100 people was came. After the opening, they saw a presentation and after it they have the chance to present their presentation too. (Everybody did it well 💪)
At the finish of the presentations they have a little coffe break.
As the cafe break are ended, the panel converstation has been started, they talk about a lot of interesting things. When the converstation ended, everybody had a lunch.
And now they are here and talking about the 2 days.  

I really enjoyed the days with u hope we will meet again! Luv ya  

Attila Almási.