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YOUTHCAP - training course in Portugal

As a participant in the YOUTHCAP Training Course that took place from June 14th to June 21th in Leiria, Portugal, I am delighted to look back on the enriching experiences and activities that shaped our transformative journey of empowerment and collaboration. Our time in Leiria has come to an end, but the memories and lessons learned will continue to resonate in our work.

During our stay in Leiria, we had the privilege of engaging in a variety of activities that broadened our perspectives and enriched our skills. We visited the ANGES Association, where we witnessed firsthand the impactful work being done to support in the community at working with elderly, disabled people and children. Attending a dance class with the elderly not only brought joy and laughter but also highlighted the importance of intergenerational connections and active aging.

Another memorable experiences was spending a whole day at the Fundação ADFP, where we had the opportunity to explore the entire center, including the hospital, Museu Espaço Mente, and the Templo Ecuménico Universalista de Miranda do Corvo. This immersive experience allowed us to gain insights into the diverse range of services provided by the foundation and the holistic approach to healthcare and well-being.

The cultural exchange event, where we experienced traditional music, dance, and cuisine from Portugal, Greece, Lithuania, Czechia, Spain, North Macedonia, Malta and Italy broader our knowledge and gave us unforgettable memories.We also represented Slovakia. It was very enriching experience.

As we reflect on our journey in Leiria, we are grateful for the friendships formed, the knowledge shared and the skills acquired during this training course. The collaborative spirit and dedication of all participants have left a lasting impact on us, motivating us to continue our efforts in promoting social inclusion and active citizenship in our communities.


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