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Eyouth Vote

All of us met the day before project on the Vienna airport and so our trip to Bulgaria started. In Bulgaria we were met by a really nice driver, who brought us safely to Hotel Royal Bansko in Bansko, Bulgaria. On the way we couldn not miss the McDonald’s so we had break from our long trip. We made it to the hotel shortly after midnight and straight up went into the beds.

On the first day we met all the project participants from Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Latvia. We discussed the goals and possible benefits of the project. In the afternoon we had so called “Treasure hunt” in the city and we finished the day by playing board games in the conference room.

The second day was exciting since we talked about the options, which we have thanks to the EU and afterwards a team from Romania made us busy by presenting what is a Youth Pass. The evening was nervewracking as we cheered for our national ice hockey team.

Latvian team started the third day by activity in which several EU institutions were presented and discussed. In the afternoon we participated in a workshop called “Youth debate” where we expressed our opinions on several engaging topics.

The fourth day was the free day on which we decided to stay on the hotel with our new international friends. Which basically means we stayed the whole day in the pool, sauna or in the gym.

Fifth day was our day, our team organised a workshop “EU Parliament Simulation” where participants where divided into teams which represented different countries of the EU and the decision of adopting new laws was in their hands. No Erasmus could go with Cultural night, right? It was in the evening, every country introduced others to their culture, food and traditions.

The theme of the sixth day was low participation of young people in the elections to the EU Parliament which we were informed in detail about by the Spanish team. Sixth day was again our day and so “My dream Europe” workshop came to life. The aim of this activity was to made participants think, talk and later perform a theatre play with the theme of “How do I imagine ideal Europe in 25 years?”.

Throughout the whole week we were worked on videos, blog and a brochure which were important on the seventh day. We summed up the whole project and its results with goals. The afternoon was a free afternoon.
The last day came and as it is said “Everything good once comes to an end” and our Erasmus+ must have come to the end as well. We were taken by a bus to the Sofia airport, where we had to say our last goodbyes with the incredible friends we made. Of course there was not a dry eye in the house. Our team took the flight back to Vienna where we as Slovak team also said our goodbyes and everybody went home. Or did we? Didn’t we find the second home? Yes we most surely did.

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