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Youth Well-Being TC in Portugal

As a group of 4 Slovaks we participated in a Portuguese project with Youthfully Yours in May. The aim of the training course was to learn about the well-being of young people and gain some experience skills in the area.

Portugal is well-known for its beautiful nature and significant architecture, therefore we spent a lot of time outdoors, especially in Aguiar da Beira- a little town with 1000 habitants. We suppose you haven´t heard about the town yet, but in the case you have, you probably associate it with orienteering, which is the most popular sport in this town. Besides other sport activities we also encountered with the orienteering and we discovered beauties of the surroundings.

We visited a lot of beautiful places. We took part in a medieval festival full of princesses, knights and belly dancers. We took a look to local Stonehenge, we visited a cheese factory and much more. We also learned about the culture of the Portugal- the most important lesson- if you think you´re late, you´re right on time :).

The nights in Aguiar da Beira were full of fun. We had a karaoke night where we found out the singing in the shower is way much better for us, but it didn´t stop us from enjoying the night. We presented our country on the cultural night (unfortunately, soy cuts still don´t have a success). We tasted a lot from the Portuguese cuisine. Our favorite food is the pastel de nata (and wine from Porto). And in addition to all this, we brought back a lot of memories, experiences and new friendships.

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