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Filling gaps

Training course Filing Gaps took place in days 13.1. -21.1.2022 in a small enchanting town Nea Makri, located on the southeast coast of Greece. The journey was pretty fast and non-problematic. At the airport in Athens our driver was waiting for us already and took us straight to the hotel. Generally, our accommodation was very nice and very clean. We lived in rooms for 2, some people even were alone. 

The food was simply amazing and delicious. Breakfast was served in a form of buffet, as well as lunch and dinner. There were plenty of options, everything was tasty, fresh and local. 

The very first day was oriented mostly on getting to know each other better. We played some games, did lots of activities by which we broke the ice between us.  

During the second day we already started to discuss our experiences, knowledge about the topic of our course and moreover we were speaking about our concepts and ideas of our potential business plans. 

The following day we were divided into teams, in which we worked until the end of the project. Our task was to create innovative, but real business plan in which we would help vulnerable groups of young people to develop their skills and thus to make them more equipped in a globalised labour market.  

We focused on young unemployed women and our aim was to help them to find their strong sides in order to find the best possible jobs for them.  

Through Design Thinking methodology we were trying to create innovative solutions for social challenges applying digital tools in the work with these young women.  

On the last day we presented our business plans that had to include everything from visual design to detailed financial plan. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this project, all my expectations were met. I moved one level up and not only in the field of entrepreneurship or start – ups, for what I am more than grateful. 


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