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Get Inspired

The idea of this project was to find inspiration through all kinds of exercises, activities and tasks. The theme of this project was entreprenuership, therefore our occupations were oriented into this sphere and the sessions we have taken part in everyday were set in a non-formal approach. Getting inspired was not difficult in this kind of a setting, where we were surrounded by passionate and goal-oriented people. I found this to be a very relaxing form of education, because there was not any pressure, stress or tense atmosphere. The knowledge I gained during this program is very useful and I look forward to applying it in my life.

Our day looked something like this, we woke up and had breakfast. Then after we finished, the first session was about to start and everybody gathered in the meeting room. Usually, we sat in a circle and started with an energizer. After that we participated in exercises. In the beginning of the project the activities were mostly about finding information, getting to know about social issues in our countries, identifying those problems and trying to look for a solution on how to fix them. As we were getting to know more and more, we gathered enough information to work with. Then our next task was to create a prototype of a social business. First we had to choose an issue that we wanted to fix, identify it. That simply meant - to come up with a business idea. Also, we were trying to fill existing gaps in the market in order to make our businesses innovative and different. This was very important, because to make your enterprise successful, it needs to excel and stand out in the industry. Afterwards we had to profile our customers - what kind of people they are, what is their behavior, what are their interests and so on. Figuring out how are we going to advertise was our next task, because promotion is the key in reaching your target audience. We needed to design a logo for our company and come up with a slogan. Next step was to pin down the main message of our business and recognize our values - what is important for us. When this process was done, we presented our business ideas to the group. This was my favorite activity, because I really found myself and my creative spirit. Another exciting exercise was creating a video for promoting entrepreneurship, building confidence and inspiring young people. This was one of the more challenging tasks, but each group came together, turned on their team spirit and put themselves to work.

Taking part in this project was very fortunate not only for myself, but for every one of us. Everybody could explore their individuality, sense of self and creativity. Improving our English speaking skills was also a great opportunity, but mostly getting to know beautiful people and beautiful cultures. In the span of two weeks we became very close and saying goodbye to each other was very emotional and heart-breaking. I miss the people I met here every day but I know this was not the last time we ever saw each other. I am very happy to have made international friends and I am looking forward to seeing them again.




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