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Dare to Act

After two years of pandemics, a Dare to Act training course was finally organized. The training took place in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. The weather was sunny, and our three-member team enjoyed this project until the last minute.

During the five days that the training took place, we constantly worked on methods that could prevent bullying and aggression in schools. This project was a big challenge, especially in terms of mental strain. Not only we but also our colleagues from Greece, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, and Romania have covered topics such as emotions, drama, masculinity, and physical and mental bullying.

In addition to obtaining the necessary information for our future work with teenagers, we had the opportunity to discover Sofia. This city has its charm and mixes several cultures. Thanks to the tour guide provided by the organizer, we had a chance to see the main sights and hidden nooks and crannies. We enjoyed the food and especially the ice cream during the evenings when we were happy to walk around and release all the emotions that we gathered during the day. Last night, Ali and Raya - our facilitators - took us to a traditional Bulgarian dinner, of which music was an integral part. The dinner and dancing party was a great ending to a fantastic project that we had the opportunity to be a part of.

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