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Power UP

The Power up project was, for some of us, the first one and we believe it was not to be the last. Getting to know and especially working with so many new and interesting people from different parts of the world was a great experience. But what we enjoyed the most, was working and socializing within our Slovak group, which was made up of a great and energetic crew from the beginning. We are proud that we were able to intensively spread awareness about the Slovak nation, history, traditions, culture and art on the project, which was ultimately the goal of it. We are also glad that we had the opportunity to see and experience the culture, behavior and customs of other nations. The city of Szeged, in which the project was held, about which some of us were skeptical at fisrt, was agreat choice by the organizers. Szeged welcomed us with a pleasant and vital atmosphere and offered us a quality time for social, gastronomic and cultural enjoyment. Thanks to Youthfully for the beautiful summer experiences and memories, it was an honor for us! 

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