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After a wild bus ride from Airport, I understood that the next days in Italy would be filled with adventures. First was to get ourselves to the little village, Montecchio Maggiore, next to Vicenza - which wasn't that easy because regional buses in Italy are a challenge. After getting ourselves through cute Italian vineyards, we were surprised by our cozy accommodation with an amazing view of the Italian countryside.

The days were filled with getting to know ourselves, and our friends from other countries, but most importantly a cute little city named Vicenza (our hosting city!). A big part of the project was getting to know school problems in other countries, and getting to know Italy through our stomachs. Throughout the whole project, you could feel the openness of everyone to share their own problems and stresses.


Thanks to this project I got to know amazing people from Slovakia, and from other corners of Europe - but most importantly, I got to know myself quite a lot. Because everyone needs to have a piece of the Italian mindset. I think I will go to Italy once again in my life, because everyone can find their place in Italy. 

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