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Social City Journal:
The Day 5 in the Training Course - Social City


Day #5

1. This day we went to Kosice city. Organizers enabled us to work with two groups of local students conducting the sessions of non-formal education and developing our Youth workers skills. We took the bus and arrived at Park Mladeze - local high school, focused on foreign languages particularly Spanish & English. We introduced ourselves to the students and played brief energizer with them, the one with the ball.

Then we divided them into the groups, took a walk around the school and discussed with them their problems, their needs and generally what they wanted to be changed in their school in order to promote social inclusion and active citizenship of the Youth. We specifically wanted to take their attention to urban issues, therefore we were focusing on the changes of the building. After this we proceeded with the workshops, the kids got introduced to non-formal education by creating a presentation and outlining their problems. Our trainers were guiding us through the process.


2. On the next activity another group of students arrived however this time us as participants needed to take the role of trainers. So we toured the school once more, listened to their problems and needs and guided them into expressing them through the non-formal education methods. The thing went well, kids were surprisingly active and communicative, their level of English was high. This work will be send to Kosice municipality, in order to inform them about this issues and to suggest a solutions.

3. After the high school event we were asked to interact with local citizens, attract their attention to Erasmus+ and to the topic of the project. Following the previous day activities we asked the questions that we prepared yesterday. We got answers quite easily. From this activity we could see how the public sees such projects and initiatives.



Day 5 was quite important. We went to the city to meet the local students. In the school, we participated in a workshop made by the trainers, but later on, we had to step in the trainers' shoes ourselves. We experienced the role of observers, participants and group leaders. Later we had to take a role of facilitators advicing youngsters about their tasks, but leaving them the space to express themselves. After the high school event we could try our social campaign in practice. We interacted with local people developing our communication and presentation skills. When we came back to Jahodna resort, we enjoyed a good night of a movie and lots of karaoke songs.

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