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From 19 to 29 July, the three Slovaks went on an Erasmus+ training course in Cagliari, the capital of the Italian island of Sardinia. The training course focused on working with young people to improve media literacy at various levels. Participants came from Croatia, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Slovakia. The primary goal of the training was to raise the competences related to media literacy in youth work by training youth workers on the topics of fake news, post truth, management of virtual identities in a fair way, concept of entropy. 

The training program consisted of: 

  • team building among participants, 
  • explanation of concepts such as media literacy, false information, misinformation, trolling, entropy, post-truth, etc. 
  • a press conference with the organizers and local authorities from the city of Cagliari, 
  • workshop: the reality of media literacy in our country, 
  • a lecture with an expert on journalism with a „Questions and Answers“ session, 
  • a movie about media literacy, 
  • creation and presentation of our own seminar on media literacy, 
  • the market place for non-governmental organizations, where it was possible to establish an international network of partnerships between youth workers, 
  • cultural night, where we briefly introduced Slovakia, 
  • reflection, final evaluation and a closing ceremony. 

We carried out most of the activities in the historic heart of the city, where we were also accommodated, but there was also a trip to the west coast and one workshop was held on a beautiful beach near the city. 


As usual, if you have a productive program and good company, time passes extremely quickly and it was the same in our case as well. We are taking with us a new perspective, friendships and an enriching experience. Thank you very much for the opportunity to represent Youthfully Yours SK, ourselves and our country. Highly recommended!


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