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Young people ready to grow professionally

Networking for enterpreneurial development

The general aim of a contact-making event was to enable organisations and groups active in the youth field to find partners for transnational co-operation and for project development. The activity supported initial preparation of joint projects around a chosen topic. During the event, the aims and main principles of the future projects have been agreed upon, some aspects of the daily agenda discussed. Altogether, 12 people took part in the project PBA. The project tried encourage and develop pilot projects coming to foster youth entrepreneurship and facilitate the entry of youth on the labor market.

Associazione Culturale Pitagora provided main contents and activities within “Partnership Building Activity “Networking for Entrepreneurial Development” which have been related to: Ice-breaking, getting to know each other, team building and group dynamic activities aiming to help participants to create a friendly learning environment. Presentation of NED and share of group learning goals. Introduction to the Entrepreneurship concept as such. Entrepreneurship culture and thinking. The share of national and local realities of youth entrepreneurship and employment. NGO fair. Meeting with local organization. Innovation and creativity.

Networking for Entrepreneurial Development is linked to national Erasmus+ youth priorities in enhancing youth employability through the acquisition of skills and competencies and developing entrepreneurial sense and initiative in the youth.

Every participant was received a Youthpass certificate at the end of the project. Youthpass is a tool to document and recognize learning outcomes from youth work activities. It is available for projects funded by Erasmus+ as a part of the European Commission’s strategy to foster the recognition of non-formal learning, putting policy into practice and practice into policy.

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