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This Erasmus+ training course was something different! We thought that, we would be lost in the theme Rural-all. However, we couldn’t be more wrong. The organisers did an amazing job to create workshops, where we have learnt a lot of new things and at the same time participated in them. We discussed problems in our rural areas, but also in Spanish, Bulgarian, Greek, Italian, Romanian and Polish rural areas. The whole group cooperated in order to understand each problem. Yet, the best way to manage this kind of thing is to learn how to give information by teaching.  

Many members of the group had previous contact with teaching, however, not in a professional way. In order to start to understand, we had to define the forms of teaching - formal, non-formal and informal. Afterwards, we could continue with specific steps, which included - activity name/topic, learning objectives, number of participants, activity description, resources needed, activity evaluation. In the end, we made our own workshop, which used non-formal education. We presented and got feedback from the group. 

On our free day, we traveled to the Dracula’s castle - Bran castle. It was amazing to see Romanian culture such as their folklore creatures and also their history. We continued in the city Brasov. It has beautiful historical centre, which we could watch from towers next to the city. 

The programme was full of useful information, which we can use in our daily life. We made new friends, memories and experiences! 

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