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Youth wor(k)ld!

From 17.6. to 25.6. the two participants from Slovakia, went on a training course to the small town of Rio Maior in central Portugal, for a project called Youth wor (k) ld! 

This course was opened with a traditional Portuguese dinner, during which we had the opportunity to get to know each other. Participants came from 10 different countries: Portugal, Spain, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, France, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, and Poland. 

The program of the project was diverse, during the day we learned about and discussed the European Youth Strategy and in the evenings we had a free program or intercultural night, during which we could taste dishes from other countries, learn new phrases in a foreign language or compare customs and traditions among these regions. In addition, we visited the places where the H2O organization, that organized this project, operates. For example, an elementary school, where were organized celebrations at the end of the school year. 

The weather really surprised us, as the organizers warned us before arrival about the heat that is typical for this period, but the whole time we were there the temperature did not rise above 25 degrees Celsius, so it was colder there than in Slovakia at that time 🙂 


And last but not least, some advice and tips for those who would like to visit Portugal: 

- Do not expect dinner in Portugal before 8 pm 

- you can communicate in English almost everywhere, from the airport in the capital to the pharmacy in a small village 

- food prices are comparable to those in Slovakia 

- and if you order coffee, they will not always bring you the same size and content as in Slovakia, so you better always find out in advance what you are actually ordering 🙂 

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