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Learning Inclusive Forms of Exchange

Februárová mládežnícka výmena v Portugalsku priniesla veľa zážitkov a skúseností

"Ja som sa síce svojej prvej výmeny vôbec neobával, no ak je to váš prípad, nezúfajte. Vaša Slovenská skupina vás podrží!"

Michaela Tuska - This was my first project and I can say it was an amazing experience! The workshops we did everyday were following the theme of the project, which was social inclusion. This was also my first encounter with non-formal education and I was impressed how people from different backgrounds and nations were able to come together and create something beautiful. I expected a more firm organization and more often than not there were gaps in communication and troubles with disinformation, but this was the only negative thing I can think of on this project. Personally, I really liked the workshop, where groups of participants had to paint the meaning of friendship. We also did other sessions, where we discussed several words regarding inclusion, discrimination etc.; we had to create an image of inclusion/exclusion with our bodies; we played the game “Musical chairs”, but only the chairs were removed, the number of players remained and we had to improvise so nobody would be left out. Of course we had a full schedule and all the workshops had one goal – to improve our creativity, to expand our perception about social inclusion and to help us make new friends from around the world. All goals were reached and all in all it was an unforgettable opportunity and I will cherish it forever.  

Projekt je finančne podporený programom Erasmus +

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