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Livin' my best LIFE

Although this was my first Erasmus trip I feel like I can confidently speak on behalf of the group and say that we thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each other and the culture of the country we were visiting. The organizers were extremely kind, helpful and hospitable to us at all times. The project has been a fulfilling experience and is definitely something we will remember with a smile. The carnival, the gastronomic night and the planned activities and amazing people certainly made the trip worth our while.

I really did enjoy many aspects of the week, with so many cultures mingled on a single project, the contributions they made to my current viewpoint are priceless because everyone brought something unique to the table. Apart from getting to know other cultures, funnily enough this project also gave me the chance to explore our own since we were there to represent our nation and for the first time in ages I felt oddly proud of our little Slovak world. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, however I do have a few queries with regards to organization.

I was a little bit disappointed in the general organizational aspect of the project. Schedules weren’t always followed, things got a bit chaotic at times and ‘getting to know each other’ activities took place with a delay of several days. We were also informed we would be sleeping in a school when in fact we were sleeping right above a karaoke bar, which left me understandably taken back.

I participated in the project in hope of exploring the opinions and perspectives of people from various backgrounds and although we did enjoy some discussion activities I would have appreciated a little more fruitful debate.

Finally, after the project there has been a little mishap with regards to communication, I’m still waiting for a response and find this approach a little disappointing when I take into account the pressure which was put on me to effectively communicate and deliver on time. However that is not to say the organizers weren’t extremely lovely and kind.

None of the above points are meant with ill intention, I am purely offering my honest feedback and constructive criticism and it is merely my own opinion. Despite the things I have pointed out, I am very thankful to have gotten the chance to participate in this project and am looking forward to cooperating with with Erasmus Plus in the future J

Lucia Majerová

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