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Social City - follow up

Make Thessaloniki Social again!

22th of February/ Thessaloniki/ Greece/

Youthfully Yours Greece is NGO that encourages young people to participate in European/International mobility programs, in order to build a stronger future for their country, acquaint the versatile colorful world, free of xenophobic attitudes, with hope for friendships that will last for a lifetime. The Organization is comprised of young volunteers that promote, organize, manage and support projects and ideas that can have a positive impact on the youth and society.

YY GR hosted 1 day follow up activity for Training course Social City. All the event was leaded by Nadia Paraschou – participant of Training Social City. 6 local volunteers in YY GR office discussed about urban marginalization issues. At first part of the event volunteers shared their opinion what social exclusion of marginalized youth mean for them, they  identified specific issues related to urban marginalization. In the next part they were asked to draft Activity they will implement in the city in order to promote social inclusion. Target group of the Activity will be local citizens of Thessaloniki preferably Youth 15-25 years old. Activity will take place in the city centre of Thessaloniki right in front of Red tower. Volunteers will interact with local citizen interviewing them about urban issues and their proposals how city can be changed in order to promote social inclusion. The final product will be video or photo documentation shared with the partners organiations of TC Social City.

Projekt je finančne podporený programom Erasmus +

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