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Waste Hero Youth Exchange in Košice (Jahodná)!

During our Waste HERO youth exchange, our aim and objective were to raise awareness about environmental protection, sustainability and waste reduction. We aimed to do this through various activities, such as workshops, study visits, and hands-on experience. Our goal was to promote sustainable living and inspire young people to take action in their own communities to create a more sustainable future.

Our group of participants consisted of 42 young people from seven different countries: Poland, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, Greece, Slovakia, and Spain. We all shared a common interest in environmental protection and were passionate about learning and taking action.

Throughout the youth exchange, we participated in various activities that allowed us to gain knowledge and skills related to environmental protection, sustainability, and waste reduction. We attended workshops led by external speakers from NGOs such as Sosna, KAKEN BAKEN, and Pestrec, and engaged in discussions and study visits to waste management facilities and other relevant places. We also organized local eco-events in the community, where we had the opportunity to share our knowledge with others and raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection.

As a result of our participation in the Waste HERO youth exchange, we gained valuable learning outcomes. We improved our knowledge about environmental protection and sustainable living, and we developed important skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership. We also learned about waste management and reduction, as well as how to organize and promote eco-events and campaigns in our local communities.


Our achievements during the youth exchange were significant. We organized several successful eco-events in our local communities, including trash pickings, workshops, and presentations, which helped raise awareness about environmental protection and sustainability. We also developed new and meaningful friendships with participants from different countries, creating a diverse and supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Several partners were involved in the Waste HERO youth exchange, including Fundacja Ornament, ASOCIACION BRUJULA INTERCULTURAL
YOUTHFULLY YOURS GR, KORA, GEYC, ASOCIACIJA TAVO EUROPA. The cooperation between these organizations was crucial to the project's success, as it allowed us to share our experiences and knowledge, work together on joint activities, and build a strong network of organizations committed to environmental protection and sustainability.

Overall, our participation in the Waste HERO youth exchange was a transformative experience that allowed us to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and relationships. We left the project feeling inspired and motivated to continue our work in environmental protection and sustainability, both in our local communities and on a larger scale. We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in such a meaningful and impactful project, and we look forward to continuing to work with our partner organizations to create a more sustainable future.

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