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Eye-opening course about the refugee crisis

When you ask young people about their ambitions or plans for the near future, they mostly come up with an answer containing six particular activities. The previously mentioned activities encompass travelling, understanding other cultures, meeting new people, learning more languages, having fun and broadening their opportunities. As most of them are students with a limited budget for realizing their listed achievementswhich costa considerable amount of money, they are often discouraged when they realize the actual costs and sweat it requires to make their dreams come true. Eventually, I believe that many give up and stop looking for cheaper, more accessible and innovative options.  

What has been discussed in the previous paragraph might be the reason why only few young people are aware of the life changing opportunities that Erasmus+ projects create.  Personally, I consider them to be one of the best youth projects around in recent times; they contain every element of the desired six activities. Young people from all over the European Union with different cultural and ethnical backgrounds spend a couple of days together, which are full of interesting educative activities which exercise their critical thinking, language and soft skills in a very relaxed,interactive yet professional manner.

Ultimately. the training course Refugee++ was one of those amazing opportunities; the project took place in Agrigento, sunny and pretty Sicilian town surrounded by many historical sites. People from fourteen countries gathered together and created a strong bond through activities, trips and sessions. Personally, the educational content of the project was eye opening and taught us about the refugee crisis in different European countries. Moreover, we visited a refugee centre in Agrigento and spoke with local authorities concerning their experience with refugees in Sicily. 

The Refugee++ project was a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience especially due to the fact that it was well organized and extremely well prepared by professional facilitators.  

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