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Youth into business

The aim of this project was to develop specific competencies of participants needed in their work of supporting youth into entrepreneurial thinking and later setting up their own business. Entrepreneurship is a key feature that can decrease unemployment as well as boost innovation in every possible field. 

The educational method used during the whole project was rather formal but supplemented with non-formal education. Youth leaders and workers were provided with a great opportunity to educate themselves and acquire various points of view of participants from different countries. New friendships with incredible people from six countries were established and new international cooperation of participating organizations has started during this project. 

Participants made presentations on various topics, developed their teamwork, presented their sending organizations and their countries as well as cultures. Also, cultural trips and many other activities enriched the whole programme a lot. 

Even though we didn´t manage to visit Dracula´s castle in Romania, we were struck by the magnificence of Romanian´s mountains and nature. Moreover, we didn´t expect such hospitality provided by Romanian people and organisers as well.

One may claim that Erasmus+ is about country you are travelling to, but the truth is that it is all about people, the participants

Honestly, at the end of the project while summarizing the whole week many participants that have been involved in many Erasmus+ programmes before even in more attractive countries confessed that they have never created such a connection and strong group any time before. 


To sum it up, if you never have participated in the Erasmus+ youth exchange or training course, I recommend you to change it with no restrictions on the place of the project! 

On behalf of all participants from Slovakia,


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