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You(th)Rright! Human Rights Consciousness for Youth Workers

It was my first Erasmus. I didn't know what to expect from it, but it intrigued me, so I decided to participate. The accommodation was located in the beautiful town in the Ommen, which we immediately fell in love with. Amsterdam was located an hour from Ommen, so we also had the opportunity to see this city as well. Beautiful environment, nice people, everything was great. About 40 people from different countries took part in Erasmus. We talked about the topic of Human rights, which I had not been extremely interested in before, however, I realized how important it is to know about that topic. I also learned a lot of things about human rights, that I did not know before. In addition I communicated in English for the first time in practice. It was great opportunity to improve speaking in diffrent language. I met many wonderful people there, experienced a great atmosphere, made new friends and also stepped out of my comfort zone.

I definitely recommend Erasmus to everyone, not only to those that want to improve their English, communication and vocabulary, but also to those that want to learn a lot about topics that interest them and look at them from a different perspective. I dare to say that it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. It really enriched me and gave me a lot. I really liked that it took place in the non formal conversations, various activities and games. It was not like lectures at school, but it was a real fun and we often laughed. Overall, it was very well organized, the accommodation was comfortable, the food was excellent and besides learning a lot, we also had the opportunity to get to know the country and the local culture. Thank you for this opportunity.  

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