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Let's cook our heritage!

Before the project itself, there was no stress and no troubles while arranging the travel documents. We did not know what was lying in the store for us when we arrived to Madrid. When we met the other participants, all of them were around 20 years older than us. At first we thought it would cause difficulties when trying to make conversations. After a number of activities it it turned out that we worried for no reason at all, since everybody was amazing. Discussions were a lot more interesting and we could hear a great deal of diverse opinions. All of the participants including us enjoyed the time during intercultural nights. There were many opportunities to form interesting conversations about our cultures and so we could get to know each other better. Coordinators were kind, entertaining, caring and we made friendships with them very quickly. Concerning accommodation, in believe, everyone was satisfied, because it was very cozy and the ordinary Spanish countryside delivered calming atmosphere. We have also tried many Spanish dishes, though for some of us it contained too much fish. The schedule was always full and it included many activities that were prepared by groups from different countries, therefore we could get to know other cultures.

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