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Reach Out Training Course Denmark

Seminar Reach out took place in beautiful small town Slettestrand in Denmark. The way there was quite scary because of snow storm which cause many of participants having to change routes or getting stuck at different airports or bus/train stations but end the end everybody managed to reach the place.

Accommodation was very nice and warm, one of the best I ever had in Erasmus projects. We were staying in apartments shred by 5 of us in 3 separate rooms. The place had amazing pool and also sauna. Food was served in form of buffet with many options to choose from.

The first day we got to know each other better by playing some names games and energizers. We realized that everybody is very friendly and we felt very good about the atmosphere of project.

Next day we slowly started to talk about the topic, got divided into national groups in which we had to pick one hard to reach group of people in our nation which we could discuss. Later each of us had to pick one of the most common hard to reach groups that we presented before, plus some other very common groups which are very common in today’s society.

Upcoming days we were working in groups to present our ideas how to reach those hard to reach groups, how to integrate them, how to provide work for them, how to understand them and help them.

We also had some lectures about EU in general where we learned a lot about what it means being European and its helped us to feel much better about being part of EU and we realized that we are proud to be citizens of EU.

Of course it was not just serious work nonstop. Each evening we had lots of fun playing games, sharing our culture, having a hot chocolate and marshmallows next to the bonfire which helped us to get to know each other much better and made it lot easier to work together during the day as it was easier to communicate with each other.  We also went for city tour of Aalborg which is beautiful modern city where we met with local artist who showed us her atelier.

Overall I enjoyed project a lot, it met my expectations in full. 

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