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Let’s Promote Active Sports Together

Last week from the 10th of June - the 16th of June me and my 2 mates had an honour to be chosen and participate in the amazing training course focused on Sports and their active promotion together: Youth workers on the field. The main aim of this project was to provide a set of best practices and usable practical instruments to work with young people through methods based on sport, including snorkeling, swimming, beach volleyball, beach tennis, yoga, SUP and many more. During this course we had an opportunity to try out all of these sport activities practically, which helped us to develop even stronger connection between us. What is more, we were discussing many important issues connected to sport and its meaning, value and importance nowadays among young people. The support of the individual countries and the problems causing the lack of movement and love for sports among youngsters. Overall, this whole week was one unforgettable experience we are beyong grateful to be a part of. Thank you very much! 

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