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Skills for Better Future

Most of our first Day of the project we were travelling. The first group went by train and microbus. The Journey was unbelievably long. The first problem occured on the TATRAN train where one of our groupmembers list her backpack. We were in panic because the backpack was left in Trnava. Thankfully boys from the second group went for it because they ent by car. After all members of the project got to Bialy Dunajec the fun began. We got there at around 6 or 7 pm. Right as the dinner was served. After dinner we had some teambuilding activities and we went to sleep.



On our second day we did a lot of teambuilding activities. We woke up at around 8:45, because our breakfast was at 9. After our breakfast we had around half hour for coffee break and after our break the workshops began.

The first one was 3 hours long and it was mostly teambuilding activities. After workshop we had lunch and after that the second workshop began. It was called mission impossible and it was filled with a lot of fun activities. Before the dinner the last workshop took place. The name of it was "About us: why we came here". And this helped us understand what was the project all about.



On this day we had only 2 workshops, because in the evening we went to thermal pools. These workshops were mainly about why some businesses were successful and why some were not. But the highlight of this day was definetly the termálne pool. We could see High Tatras right from the pool.



On this day we woke up a bit early, because we went to city Zakopane for the folklore festival and also to see the national tatra museum. But before that we went for a quick hike to see the waterfalls in High Tatras. When the hour of lunchtime struck, we were acquired with the task to learn about local businesses.

After we came to our pension, we had time to unpack and we had dinner. After dinner we had a debate based workshop about differences of local vs world businesses.

At the end of the day we had the first cultural evening- polish. It was fun.



On this day we did around 4 long workshops. But the 2 most interesting ones we did were about What makes a great businessperson. We did a big graph with competences and skills and it was fun. In the second one we tried making workshops by ourselves. Which we tried after lunch break. At the end of the day we had our cultural evening. We really went out on this one. We made special video about our Zobor hill with sounds of typical slovak instrument- fujara. We also read poem by Samo Chalúpka called Mor-ho! We played typical slovak pop song on guitar. We had funny presentation about Nitra and much more.



On this day we went to the salt mine in Bochnia. It was very interesting but the journey there took more than 2 hours, that was probably the only boring thing about the trip. The mine itself was amazing. The tour and the tourguide were great. The salt there was very salty.



This was our last full day. We had only one workshop, but this one was way longer than the rest of workshops. On this one we tried to come up with our own business. We had think through every detail of it, because in the end of the day we had to do a whole presentation about it. It was fun. People from Czech Republic had the honor of doing the last cultural night of our programme. They did a good job.



We said our goodbyes and we went home.

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