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Rural Business Innovation HUB in Romania

Our journey to rural Romania started on the 27th of March when my cousin Ivan and I took an evening train to the capital Bratislava, from where we planned to get to Romania. In a city called Targu-Jiu, the LTT meeting for a project called Rural Business Innovation HUB was happening.  

During the Learning, Teaching, and Training (LTT) meeting, we had the chance to unleash our creativity and create our business pitch. It was an exciting challenge that pushed us to think innovatively and develop ideas tailored to the rural landscape. We poured our hearts into crafting a compelling pitch that showcased our entrepreneurial skills. 


Exploring the local area, we visited a delightful rural chocolate factory. 🍫 Witnessing the craftsmanship and passion that goes into creating those delicious treats was genuinely inspiring. We learned firsthand about the dedication required to run a successful rural business and the importance of preserving quality and dedication. Immersing in the local culture, we also had the incredible opportunity to visit a traditional Skansen. It was like stepping back in time and experiencing the region's rich heritage. Understanding the strong connection between culture and entrepreneurship in rural areas was a valuable lesson we will carry on our entrepreneurial journey. 


Throughout the LTT meeting, we absorbed a wealth of knowledge on how to build a thriving rural business. Experts taught us about effective strategies, marketing techniques, and sustainable practices. The discussions were insightful, and we gained practical advice to guide us in our future endeavors. 

Ivan and I left Romania with a renewed sense of empowerment and determination. We are inspired to positively impact our local community and drive the growth of rural areas in Slovakia. The Rural Business Innovation Hub has equipped us with the tools, connections, and knowledge necessary to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams. 


I am so grateful for this transformative experience and can't wait to apply everything I've learned. The Rural Business Innovation Hub has ignited a fire within me to contribute to developing rural businesses in Slovakia. With passion and dedication, I am confident we can make a real difference and create opportunities for our community. 

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