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Summer projects follow-up activity by Ľudka

In September, one of your team members made a short presentation about your organization, who we are, what we are doing, what topics we are working with and how young people can join us. She presented it at a school event in front of 90 young people. To zoom in on erasmus+, she retold how it works through real examples and experienceour two youth exchanges in Kosice this summer. She described that it is possible to educate yourself on a specific topic, such as environmental issues, by non-formal learning. 

I found a slot to talk about our organization at my school's event. I spoke about who we are, what we are doing, what topics we are working with and how young people can join us. During my presentation, I was naming what positions are available and how it enriches and shapes our soft skills in many ways. For better understanding, I pick a team member for each role and retold their experiences, tasks and what added value it brings 

A lot of my peers did not know what Erasmus+ is and that they have the option to apply for projects. For many people it was brand new information, so it was important to cover the general information about erasmus+, youth exchanges, training courses... To describe to them what eramsu+ is I used a real example, I spoke about our youth exchanges, which took place near Kosice this summer. Both projectsEco-active Youth and Waste Hero were aiming to encourage youth to spread awareness about ecological topics, problems, and solutions, but the goal was not just to talk about it but to show real examples and learn our participants to talk about it in their local communities when they come home and change their mindsets about this issue 

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