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Waste Hero follow-up activity by Saška

In early November, our participant Alexandra from the WASTE HERO project initiated a follow-up activity for the project. The activity’s primary purpose was to spread information about the importance of environmental actions. Alexandra contacted a professor in her school who was highly interested in the ecological topic. Together they found a lesson in which they could take class II.OA (around 12-13 years old) cleans the surrounding area outside the school. During a 45-minute activity, the classmates and Alexandra collected trash around their school.

They were also discussing the following questions: 

Do you think that it’s important to take care of our earth? 

A collective yes 

Do you know how bad the current environmental situation is? 

The participants mentioned global warming, rising sea levels, climate change, water and air pollution, and a lack of recycling. 

Are you and your family doing something at home that could help our ecological crisis?  

1: Yes, we’re collecting plastic bottles and separate trash for further recycling 

2: Yes, we’re saving water during showering 

3: We have compost garbage at my house 

Has this activity inspired you to initiate something at home for those who aren't doing anything? 


Would you try this activity again? 

1: Yes, around my area at home 

2: No, I’m not too fond of dirty fingers 

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