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Disconnect to reconnect

Italy. One can imagine the beautiful sea, the sun, and a holiday on the beach, but for our Slovak team, it was probably a shock that caused us to change our heart rhythm on the first day. Our project called Disconnect to reconnect took place on a farm on a hill near the town of Passignano Sul Trasimeno. However, we joined forces with the Slovaks, suppressed prejudices about outdoor showers and toilets, and threw ourselves into an adventure with such enthusiasm that we won as much as we could. It should be mentioned that our six-member team consisted of completely different people, so our family had representation and talent in a wide range. 

The initial acquaintance with the Spaniards and Latvians took place on the train from Rome. Since we had transferred, we accidentally managed to get off a stop further, and thus we broke down the initial barriers. In such a relaxed atmosphere, we were found by the organizers, who have then taken us to a farm, where we also met Italians, Romanians, and French. After the performance, we found out that we will sleep in tents with other participants, which made this project a lot more interesting. However, only when you wake up in the morning with a grasshopper crawling over you or go to bed by tripping over another 5 nationalities, as electricity at such heights is not a matter of course, it will affect you in later life. 

 As a challenge, they told us that we should try to work for 10 days with one 100% battery charge on the mobile. Then they put the chargers away and we felt the real message of this project - to try to connect with nature instead of staying connected with technologies that influenced us so much that we forget to conversate witch each other normally. During the picnic, which took place among the olive trees, we discussed how to avoid pressure from applications and advertisements, or how to look for advantages and disadvantages of technology. We have always concluded that technical conveniences move us forward, we just need to set boundaries. Funny energizers always kicked us, but some of them really suprised us like hugging the trees, or the type rule - don't kill insects. However, I must admit that I noticed the change in myself. When an ant crawled after me, I no longer tapped him into the silence, but seriously laid him on the ground and gave him freedom!  

We should not forget to mention the two-month volunteers from all over the world, of whom there were about 30 and who participated with us in the activities, logistics, and documentation of these unforgettable moments. For example, they prepared real Italian pizza for us or did a workshop on the position of women in society. They also prepared an evening fire where we were to present and play the myths or myths of our countries. Báthorička won for us, and we colored her CV and so she was successful. Happy woman. At other times, we spent the evenings in informal conversations, in-depth conversations where you learned unique life stories or dances until the morning. Intercultural nights, where we were supposed to present beloved Slovakia, turned out to be excellent and I don't think no a one volunteer will ever forget the smell of traditional borovička. 

 I think that despite the lack of meat ingredients on the menu, we managed it and even liked this eco-bio-raw - vegan dietWellhave to admit that those opinionscomments, and outlooks of people got me more like dinner. Long after the farewellthe feeling resonated in me that something extraordinary had happened not only with our outside (who would bother with it on the farm😊but also inside us. I would like to thank all the members for allowing us to travel to the Erasmus + project -a youth exchange and learn something new, unknown but still beautifulWith this I want to encourage everyone you are hesitant and worried about, go. You will get memories and experiences that you will remember for a long time.  

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