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The first thing that appealed to me when I noticed the offer for this Erasmus was the destination – Denmark. Since I am a person who adores traveling not only to holiday destinations, I immediately said that I had to go there. That’s how I got a look at the topic of the overall focus of the project …

“Becoming” – so to arise … at first hearing it may sound strange, but thanks to the great organization of the Danish team, this topic was presented to us very well and everyone who was willing to listen, took something from this project. What actually “originated” there?

The goal was to focus on oneself. We spent time meditating, working together and thinking about what we expect from this project. An important part was the lectures that helped us reduce multitasking and taught us how to feel the moment and focus on just one thing or activity.

Thanks to all these activities, we gradually became “new people”. People who can stop and breathe deeply in this fast time. People who can perceive the charm of nature around us. People who will not do 10 things at once, but focus on one and calm their own frightened mind. As a result, we have become better people for ourselves.

It was a very pleasant week spent, in the company of very open and friendly people who, together, improved not only the people of knowledge but also the English language. Accommodation in nature only highlighted the main idea of ​​the whole project, but for the more demanding, the organizers beautifully balanced it with a day trip in Aarhus, where they came up with a very nice program. The whole thing was perfected by very good food, which was highly praised by all participants from all over the country.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project and I highly recommend these projects to anyone who wants to enrich their lives with knowledge, experience, friendship, or desire to improve in foreign languages.

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