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YOU(th) decide!!

YOU(th) Decide !! is build upon the previous initiative supported by IVF, taking benefits from established cooperations, and developed capacities, while taking into account past deficiencies and not fully expanded opportunities.

With presented YOU(th) Decide !! initiative we aim to boost interest in active youth participation among young people coming from different Visegrad regions while increasing their awareness about its importance, potential, and benefits for the local community. We will achieve this by providing young people from partners' communities with the opportunity to develop competences needed for active participation. During a series of local meetings, we will assist local youth in identifying specific needs and potential barriers for participation. Partnering up with associations that established close cooperation with municipalities will allow us to use local meetings to foster dialogue among young people and local authorities. Experienced youth workers will help young people communicate identified needs and barriers to responsible authorities while empowering them to be part of solutions and take the initiative and responsibility. Youth leaders that joined our associations during the previous initiative will be directly involved in all phases of its continuation, motivating youth with their success stories. The final seminar and following public conference will support young people in realizing their potential as autonomous and valuable members of civil society, while encouraging them to share that recognition among their peers. YOU(th) Decide !! doesn't stay at a theoretical level yet provides an opportunity for practical personal experience, assisting young people in starting simple actions to inform about opportunities for youth participation and its importance.

The initial training course will enable us to share non-formal education methods beneficial for the implementation of local events with youth workers and youth leaders representing partner organizations, enhance their capacities and clarify the project implementation phase. This will facilitate smoother coordination of activities among 4 diverse partners in 4 different localities. The redesigned scope of local meetings is less ambitious yet more precise and realistic. They focus deeper on identifying the needs and barriers of young people towards participation and facilitating dialogue with local authorities. YOU(th) Decide !! will continue extending the collaboration among representatives of municipalities, authorities responsible for youth, local youth organizations, youth councils, and young people from partner communities. To get young people more involved in the possible solutions of recognized problems and support them not only locally yet to benefit from the Visegrad aspect of the project, we propose extended seminar. This will allow participants to share different perspectives, exchange experience, and draft together common activities addressing the situation in their local realities and promoting active youth participation.



You(th) Decide is supported and co-funded by the International Visegrad Fund, under the patronage of the president of Košice Self-governing Region and the mayor of Ryglice.




The activities are developed simultaneously in 4 countries of V4 in partnership with..


Ryglice Community - The Municipal Youth Council of Ryglice
Petrklíč helpCultRural View International Association

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