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Entrepreneurial Tool Kit for Youth

Training course Entrepreneurial Tool Kit for Youth took place in days 1-Mar-22 to 9-Mar-22 in small appealing village Penagos, located 20 km from the city of Santander in Cantabria region. The “Entrepreneurial Tool Kit for Youth” as the title suggests, is orientated primarily on techniques for the design of creative, collaborative, and sustainable projects, which will improve the quality of our projects. Like every project, we had some icebreaking activities to get to know each other. Every day we have been divided into small groups and focused on the preparation of our projects focusing on employability, participation, and motivation of the young people with whom we work, especially those in disadvantaged situations. During the international evening, we presented our countries in terms of geographical position, political situation, economy and emphasized several interesting facts and statistics that interested us and the other participants. During the country's presentation, we had the opportunity to bring and to taste various culinary products such as sweets and traditional dishes.

There was also time for outdoor activities. We had the opportunity to visit in the countryside a successful project related to “Permacultura Cantabria Project Subtitulado”, people there building a place where to shelter from all weather conditions, and socialize with others. Young people there would like to build a sustainable society because during the last centuries our society faced overcrowding cities, desertification soil, water, and air pollution. An alternative to this lifestyle, which depletes our natural resources and pollutes could be permaculture.

The training course was built on experiential learning and participants could explore and learn how they can use the method in their organizations, communities, and future work for developing sustainable long-lasting projects.  The project wasn’t beneficial only in a professional way. In this, I met many interesting people around the world. I had a chance to speak with Lithuanians, Estonians, Polish people, Italians, Spanish people, Greeks, and Bulgarians. In discussions with the other cultures, I could find many interesting differences and something that connected us. We also talked about our cultures, traditions, youth social life, and basic things like music, clothes, favorite films, etc. On the last day of TC, we had a free day, so we went sightseeing in Santander with the rest of the group.

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