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This April, through the organization Youthfully Yours SK, I was given the opportunity to participate together with another Slovak participant in a one-week long training course in the wonderful city of Genoa on the northwest coast of Italy. The project focused on e-participation and various digital skills associated with the active participation of the EU citizen in European democracy and the decision-making process. Thanks to the pleasant and open approach of the main coordinator Gabi, we enriched ourselves with valuable skills and invaluable experience inside and outside the program during 5 days of non-formal education. We found out how we can participate in the decision-making of public authorities in our country and within the entire EU through the online space. During the workshops focused on the cooperation within the groups into which we were divided during the various parts of the program, we had the opportunity to improve our communication skills in English, as well as the ability to work effectively in a team. We learned a lot of interesting information, for example about the requirements for the establishment of a non-profit organization and a political party in the individual participating countries of the project.

I can only respond to the course and organization of the project with positive feedback. We were accommodated in a nice and modern hostel near the main train station, which relieved us from further traveling in Genoa and we were also just a short walk away from the city center. The food was more reminiscent of an all-inclusive holiday, as they served us a rich breakfast directly in the hostel. Lucnhes and dinners were provided by a pleasant restaurant near the port. Pizza, pasta, seafood, salads. Just a few people would complain about Italian cuisine. I also appreciate the choice of the location of the project, I really liked it in Genoa. I could feel history and a pleasant atmosphere wherever I moved, in some places I felt like I was in a romantic movie.

The sending organization provided us with all the necessary information and assistance before participating in the project. Their representative Saška was very nice and was always available in case of questions, possible problems and also precisely monitored our stay and procces of the course. Our communication went without a single problem and I believe that in the future I will have the opportunity to participate in other interesting projects under the banner of this organization and gain new experiences and memories.

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