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TRAINING COURSE – EntrepreneurShip (II) – Sailing to Success

The project took place from 24/11/2019 to 3/12/2019 in Slettestrand, Denmark

The general aim of the project was to enable to strengthen the youth sectors role in supporting young entrepreneurs through a reinforced network of youth organisations and increased capacity of youth workers in non-formal entrepreneurship education. During the course, the main objectives were to provide participants with knowledge upon entrepreneurship, including creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, identification of strengths and weaknesses, idea generation, pitching, etc.

Altogether, 25 people took part in the project that tried to encourage youth entrepreneurship.

InterCollege provided main contents and activities concerned with entrepreneurship and non-formal education.

- Ice-breaking, getting to know each other, team building and group dynamic activities aiming to help participants to create a friendly learning environment.

- Introduction to the Entrepreneurship concept as such

- Visiting SEA in Aalborg to learn more about the support of entrepreneurship within its walls

- Real life examples in form of presentations and tutorials to help participants understand the reality of entrepreneurship and to motivate them start their own business

- Presentation from a local entrepreneur

Participants had the opportunity to learn more about socio-cultural background of other participating nations not only through intercultural evening, but also due to prepared activities every evening, e.g. dance classes, board games and special activity called “The Duke of Slettestrand”.

At the end of the course every participant received a Youthpass certificate with all competencies that he had acquired during the training course. Youthpass is a tool to document and recognize learning outcomes from youth work activities. It is available for projects funded by Erasmus+ as a part of the European Commission’s strategy to foster the recognition of non-formal learning, putting policy into practice and practice into policy.

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