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Solidarity First

Freedom, equality or human rights? These are some of the values ​​of the European Union! In addition, another one is solidarity. During an unforgettable week in Italy, at the project Solidarity first: Development of a united society, we learned how we perceive solidarity, what it means for us and whether or not it has limits for us. 

Together with participants from Italy, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain, we also learned what the European Union's goals are, how it works and how we can get involved in the various programs it offers. We understood, for example, how beneficial volunteering is for the community, but also that thanks to it, we too can move forward, whether in our personal or career life. We became friends with other people on the project and thus, we connect the European Union a little closer. 

We spent our free time in the sunny part of Naples, the evenings were in the spirit of getting to know other cultures. In the same way, our Slovak team showed something of our traditions, typical sweets and customs. The whole week was so inspiring, stimulating and fun that we would do it again in a heartbeat! 

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