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Cultural Crossover

On the 15th of January, a train going to Rzeszów, Poland brought together a group of 7 unkown faces, both afraid and excited to go into the world together. In spite of our stress, we quickly began to talk and form a bond together. From basically what was the start of our journey we knew that it will be an adventure we’d remember troughout our lifetime. We arrived there without any casualities and after wondering around for a few minutes we got to INPRO – the place where we will spend the next 6 days together.

We arrived at around 6 pm, and the organisation kindly prepared us a generous dinner at a pub which was only around a 3 minute walk away. This dinner was not only for introducing us to the place where we’d be having lunch every day, but it also gave us an opportunity to get to know the other students from Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. This pub was truly inspiring, since they employed people with social disabilities and helped them out that way. After the dinner we got back to the hostel and we decided to go to sleep as we were exhausted from our long trip. We started our first day with breakfast which was served until 10 am, after which we started our first session which focused on getting to know eachother better. We had these sessions every day from monday to friday. They were mostly focused on our separate customs and cultures, but we also tried to have fun and socialise as much as possible. We also had these events called ‘cultural night’ when a group prepared a presentation, activities and other optional things to further introduce their country.


The last day for us (friday) was probably the saddest day, since only then did the realisation of us having to go back home hit us. The community we’ve grown there was amazing – full of friends, memories and the most important thing – selfies and group photos. I’m glad that we didn’t have any major complications, and that we got to learn so much about eachother. I hope that the Slovak group will meet again on our next unforgetable trip into the unknown.

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