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Change 4 Green

On 9.12.2022 a group of seven Slovak adventurers met at the Vienna airport to start their journey to the "Paris of the Baltics", the city that is proud of this nickname and that is the capital of Latvia, Riga. After the initial doubt about the meeting, our fears disappeared very quickly, and we were already looking forward to the next 8 days that we will spend together. After landing in the capital of Latvia, we were delayed for a while because of our need to watch the World Cup match between Croatia and Brazil. After this duty we definitely entered full of expectations for a world unknown and distant to us. 

We landed in Riga in the evening, so on the first day, we had time only for a quick dinner and a little bit to know other people who participated in this project. After breakfast at our hostel, we moved to the 10-minute walk away Mercury Hotel, where the essential and the most important part of our stay in Riga took place. It was all led by the Italian named Rosana, who led this project with great grace, for which we owe her a huge thank you. Last but not least, she certainly contributed to the smooth and trouble-free course of our stay. The meetings were held in the spirit of "sustainability". Together, we tried to better understand the meaning of this word and through various activities, discussions, games to find answers to the various problems of climate change and at the same time we also understood the necessity to start from ourselves by changing our consumer lifestyle, ideally as soon as possible, because our planet is suffering a lot due to our behavior and it doesn't have much time left... 

We had these meetings every day except for 13.12. This day was free for us, so we spent it wandering around Riga and watching the World Cup's semi-final match in the cinema. If I have to evaluate this project as a whole, I was personally worried, especially about meeting new people and my English, fortunately, none of this fear was confirmed. I quickly found new friends, probably for my whole life. The hardest moment was saying goodbye at the airport, but the sadness of leaving was replaced by happy memories of these 8 unforgettable days. We enjoyed every moment of our stay and I am sure that our Slovak group will meet again because as one of our famous proverbs says: "where one road ends, another begins". 

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