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Lens towards the Future

Our journey began on Friday, the 24th of February 2023. We - our Slovak group - met at the train station in Nové Zámky. Some of us already knew each other, some of us didn't. Luckily, our mutual love for traveling and experiencing new things made it a little easier for us to talk to each other. It didn't take long, and after about anhour of waiting at the train station, our train has finally arrived.

We hopped in, looked for our seats, and the 10 hour long train ride has begun. We played all the card games youcould imagine. We talked, listened to music and even had a little nap from time to time.

When we got out of our train, stretched our legs and looked around, our project coordinator- Lilit - took us fromthe train station straight to our hostel, which was a minute long walk from our platform. Lilit gave us a quicktour of the hostel and took us to the dinner. Our first dinner was quite unforgettable, mainly because there was a literal concert in the pub where we were eating. After a good meal, blasted eardrums and a quick walk home, wefinally got a chance to meet our friends from Hungary and Ukraine. Making friends there was really easy, everyone was so kind and open to start a conversation.

After the first night, came the first official day of our project. We finally got to meet our Polish participants. Wewere surprised that most of them were not even Polish- there were some people from Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe.

We spent the morning of our first day just talking and getting to know each other in the form of team buildingactivities. After lunch we went out for a City Tour, just to get to know Rzeszówlittle more.

Our second and third day was full of photography. We learnt how to take better pictures, work with light and composition and also how to edit our photos. We even had creative tasks, including taking pictures, based on thethemes that they gave us. We all had so much fun, but it was also very educational.

On our fourth day we visited Rzeszowskie Piwnice - an underground museum - where we learned about thehistory of this city. The museum had a lot of interactive games, which made the learning process even more interesting.

Our last day was the most important of all - The Vernissage day. It was the day when we framed the pictures thatwe took the day before, took them to Urban Lab where our vernissage took place, and presented them in front ofapproximately 40 people. The pictures that we took were supposed to showcase our problems as a society, and judging by the reactions of our guests, we all didvery good job. After the vernissage, we all packed our stuffand headed back to the hostel, to spend the last evening with our friends.

Speaking of evenings in our hostel, they were never boring. We had Intercultural evenings where we learnedlot about the countries that our participants were from. We danced traditional dances, tried to speak new languages and tasted the most delicious sweets from each country participating.

And then it was time to leave. Goodbyes are always hard, especially when you are saying bye to people that livehundreds kilometers away from you. But withlot of hugs and a few tears in our eyes, we managed to do it.

Then, we hopped on our train, with a few packs of Krowky in our bags - but most importantly, a lot of greatmemories.

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