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Our mission was to explore various cultural cusine

During days 07 - 15 September in a small town Samobor took place Youth exchange with title Coolinary youth! Samobor is the town, which is situated in beautiful surroundings with stunning landscape, approximately 30 mins by car from the capital city Zagreb, where an amazing group of 22 youngsters from Slovakia, Croatia, Turkey, Spain, and Italy spent time.

Our mission was to explore various cultural cuisine, food diversity, and to keep alive basic gastronomy heritage. Nothing brings people more together than tasty food, that's the reason we also were enchanted and excited by this kind of project.

Together with a great team of people, which took care of us all the time, we experienced an unforgettable staying full of not only brilliant experiences but also amazing adventures and international friendships. A full stomach was a must within the whole week. Each country cooked and presented their most common dish. We prepared our potatoes Lokše, which had a big success.

The activities were aiming at representing or discovering differences in cultures not only through the food but also the procedures and groceries, workshops about traditional cuisine and pastry.

Not to forget to mention, YE isn’t only about the main topic. With the major theme also comes improvement in various soft skills. Mostly in communication, presenting skills, self-confidence. Also, with the international environment comes improvement in English. Also, you can spot a non-forced and FUN way of educating. Informal education is so creative and enjoyable, it is way more effective and it should be spread more.

After all, this project amazed us, and we can´t wait till we meet again in another Erasmus+ project. We would like to support participation in similar projects, so you do not throw away opportunities like this.

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