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TIKTOK time for stories

The first thing I would like to point out is that the quality of the project experience is mainly set by the people who take part in it, and in this aspect, I am delighted. 

I don't know to what extent we can thank the meticulous selection process in our country or luck, but in any case, we agreed within the Slovak team that we were a great bunch. (The presence of the selection process mentioned above was not felt everywhere, some groups, often related to each other or acquaintances, were quiet, inactive, and somewhat closed, often with poor English). 

Accommodation and food were fine, and the spectacular views made up for the hostel standards of comfort. However, some felt we were too cut off from civilization, but that is an individual and subjective opinion (others, including myself, were okay with it). There was only one thing that generally bothered us in this regard, and that was our involuntary involvement in the running of the hostel - washing the dishes or the floor. 

The program was exciting and reasonably distributed throughout the day; teambuilding activities were interspersed with educational classes or so-called energizers. However, given the project's title and goal, we would have expected more teaching about social networks and specific advice or practices. However, the topics of the project were more general and more focused on discussion, which several participants from other countries were not competent to do. 

Overall, however, I rate the project, and as far as I know, I am not alone; as a successful one, the positives outweighed the negatives, and I am very grateful for this week. 

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