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Discovering Sexist Behaviour in Youth

At the turn of June and July we participated in a training course called Discovering sexist behaviours in youth. The course took place in the beautiful rural village of Penagos located in the Northern Spain region Cantabria. 

From the first day of the course, our time was filled with interesting activities which spread awareness of sexism, whether in the media, workplace, family, etc. Mornings always belonged to theoretical-practical sessions under the guidance of a great lecturer. She walked us through the difficulties of sexism and not only that. She showed us how to deal with stressful situations, how to name our feelings in more detail and thus improve communication.  During the afternoon we worked on our own projects in groups. 

The organisers also thought about us getting to know Cantabria and they prepared a great programme. We had the opportunity to visit a local village with a safari park, take a peek into local cheese factory and to explore several beautiful villages with traditional Spanish architecture. Apart from that we enjoyed a day in the capital of Cantabria, Santander. We were lucky because of the gorgeous weather. Hikes were not missing either, as the area around Penagos is quite mountainous.           

At the end of our stay in Penagos, the organisers prepared the biggest surprise for us in the form of a surf lesson on the Atlantic Ocean. 

This training course was marked not only by studying, but also by great activities, and we definitely won't forget it so quickly. 

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