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Wake up Europe!

Hodos. A beautiful, peaceful, and quiet town in Slovenia. A place where not only people from different corners of Slovakia but also Europe met. Four Slovaks, people from Portugal, Romania, Lithuania, Slovenia, Hungary and Estonia were here together on the Wake up Europe project and every day they woke up to a new adventure.

From 22.7. until 31.7. we tried to open our eyes more and raise awareness about current issues in Europe. Through interesting activities, workshops, and discussions, we deepened our knowledge about discrimination, the environment, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, ... In addition to theoretical education, we also experienced a lot first-hand. The first centre we visited was a centre for the homeless. Thanks to this visit, we learned more about the normal day of the members and the work of the staff. The second centre was a retirement home, where we spent a nice afternoon with the old people. We were also able to peek into a Roma village near Murska Sobota. We saw real people in real places.

In addition to education, we also experienced many other things. Thanks to the cultural evenings, we were able to move to the countries of the other participants and see at least a piece of their traditions. The breaks between the workshops were full of games and fun, and the evenings were full of quiet conversations.

The whole project took place in a pleasant atmosphere, and we will certainly never forget it. No one would have expected that 10 days would pass so quickly.

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