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We Radio 2.0

Getting to Modica was quite a challenge since we all were travelling to a foreign country on our own for the first time. However, being the four of us, it was much easier to go/get around the airport or catch the bus from Catania to Modica. During the lengthy bus ride, we admired the fascinating views of the Sicilian landscape and picturesque towns. Even though the travelling took hours, it felt like minutes. After arrival, we were all pleasantly surprised by our accommodation and the hospitability of the organizers. Any negative emotions we encountered after the long flight and other complications were immediately gone. 

Throughout the first few days, we were getting to know everyone we were going to work with on the project. Meeting people from other cultures brought many culture shocks, for example, the Italian ‘siesta’ time. Trying new cuisine, learning new words in other languages or just appreciating the presence of local architecture – that is just a sneak peek of what there was to do and admire.  Alongside this, we were also learning more about the Erasmus projects as a whole and what knowledge we are going to get after attending the course.  

While being a bit scared, we dipped our feet into the waters of web radio. We learned how to use the equipment, both the software and the hardware part. After a few tries, we were finally able to do everything on our own. After successfully going live for the first time came the main point of the project – actually having a broadcast. This was a new challenge since we had to talk in a language different to ours but in the end, we all enjoyed our stay and we can agree that the time was well spent. 



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