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Unlock IT

At the turn of February and March, I found myself in a small town in the Athens region, called Nea Makri. Together with 19 other participants from more than 10 countries, we were accommodated in a hotel a few meters from the beach, where, despite the colder months, we were able to spend most of our free time.
So what did we do when we didn't have that free time? The training course called UnlockIT was focused on business support, mainly through the method of design thinking.

In the first days, we explained with theory and various activities what it is, why it is necessary to control this method these days and how to implement it in our business, but also in everyday life. After such an introduction, we were divided into four groups, each with the task of developing a business plan on a particular topic. This already required a lot of energy, which needed to be devoted to group work, frequent brainstorming, presenting partial results to others, as well as strong nerves, when we sometimes did not know how to proceed. But precisely because of such situations, we had experienced lecturers there who always knew how to guide and encourage us so that we could even complete our business plan. And after a whole week, these projects were over, and we all left a little more experienced and motivated to use everything we learned this week.
But like every single project, this one wasn't just about the formal part, which is mainly about education.

An amazing team of people has secured new friendships, a lot of indescribable experiences, memories, and who knows, maybe even new partners for our future projects. That is why I want to thank the organization Youthfully Yours SK for such an opportunity that I was able to represent both them and myself on such an interesting project, which was organized by a group of people from Coconutwork. They've done a lot of good robots, and that's why I firmly believe that their great projects will motivate other young people to learn and move in this relatively new form - non-formal education.

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