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EuroParliament 2.0

hanks to Erasmus+, we spent the last week of October in Poland, in Gliwice through the organization Youthfully yours. The topic of the project was the European Parliament, so we discussed and debated various topics all week. We met 20 people from 5 countries, namely Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia in one place. They were people with different opinions, different ages and cultures. It was really cool for me to watch how we got along. Thanks to the fact that there were 20 of us and not 50, for example, we were able to develop deeper relationships and get to know each other better. As for activities, we kept commuting between Katowice and Gliwice, which was great because we got to know both cities basically.

The main place where we did workshops was a gallery in Gliwice. Each country had to do one workshop on some topic, we had how the European Parliament works and what political parties are there. In the morning we worked on workshops and on our cultural evenings, where each country presented itself together with typical dishes. We listened to many interesting workshops on the history of the European Parliament, on diplomatic protocol, a speech workshop and more... Last but not least, we had a so-called simulation of the European Parliament for the last two days, where we were divided into political parties with a given ideology. We had to debate and defend our opinions and proposals. This was the part I dreaded the most, debating and arguing. It was also one of the reasons why I went to this project, because I wanted to improve my argumentation skills. I got a lot of opportunities, we talked a lot in the evenings with people and it was amazing to see how we each have different perspectives.

At the same time, this project showed me Poland in a completely different light than I expected. People there are much less conservative than it is presented. They care about the development of art, monuments and local shops, which is absolutely great. I look forward to more projects like this one!

Well thank you  

Kristína Buchelová 



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