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The project is not only about the organization itself, but also about the long preparation

Hi, our names are Denis, Diana and Denis and we have spent our last 6 days in Wisla, Poland trough the organization Youthfully Yours. We were participating in an training called „Supporting Youth in their Projects“ where we have leant how to organize a project and what everything we have to go through the process.

Besides us, the Slovaks, there were participants from other countries too: Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Poland. This gave us an opportunity to not only get to know people from other cultures better but also the customs and habits they have in a particular country.

The training was organized by 2 experiences Polish trainers who taught us everything about the project from the beginning (preparations) until the end (closing the project). The whole training was in English. We discussed different methods that help with the preparations, solving of the problems and giving a feedback.

We did not get only theoretical know-how but also got a chance to work in a groups on our own projects that we later presented to the other participants.  We also did a lot of interesting activities and played some games that taught us how to solve a problem, getting to know the personalities of other members better and with the realization of the project. We had a lot of fun during the games. We got the opportunity to talk to the mayor of Wisla about young people and their engagement in the town which we later also visited in our free time.


 Denis, Diana a Nicol

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